Tuesday, April 11

The Hoff digs Pepsi ... a lot

It's been a while since we've had any Hoff love on the blog, so here's a treat for you all. Enjoy the cheesiness of the phallic Pepsi ad.
Also, I actually treated myself to checking out tickets on line yesterday for Madonna's concert when she's here in Boston. Sarah was all game to go with me, and we were already planning the evening ... in theory. Let me say, I don't know when I'll ever be okay with spending $350 for one ticket to a Madonna concert. That, of course, is before all the fees are accrued and such, too. I can't imagine that her concert could be any better than a U2 show, and I would ONLY pay that amount for a U2 show. So alas, Madonna shall rock on in Boston without me in attendance.

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