Monday, April 17

But they fit me better!

Perhaps the worst-kept secret in the world is how much I love my jeans. I would wear them every day if I could (Wait a minute! I can, and I do!). I've always been a huge fan, and have really no idea where my absolute love/obsession for the denim stems from. Of course, Mom has a few pairs, and that's all good, but she tends to mix it up with khakis, chinos, and all that, where for me, especially during the winter, jeans are all that I wear on the bottom. (For summer, I'll break out my own pairs of chinos and don skirts and such, but you all know how I love my jeans.)
Anyway, some distressing news comes my way via the Internet today. In this article on, the author shocks my world by noting that skinny jeans are returning to the trendy fold, and that the popular bootcut variety may be saying their goodbyes. This, is unacceptable. I mean, a lot of you have seen the circumference of my calf muscles. They simply do not "go" with skinny jeans. Seriously, back in the 80s, the pants wouldn't fit over my calves. For that reason, I hated those pants (even when the legs were punctuated with zippers), and I find that I hate them still now, even though they are just a "re-emerging trend."
I like my jeans to be trendy and cool. I like them to be in sync with the latest fashions. I simply can not make myself go the way of the skinny jeans again! I CANNOT! Please, goddess, for all that is good in the world, let this trend die before it begins ... again!
Long live bootcuts!


ddy said...

I think you got the jean gene from me Babe,I live in mine daily.

-T. said...

Skinny jeans aren't that flattering on anyone..unless you are a supermodel..I predict that for wearability Bootcuts are here to stay. If not - you and I are BOTH in big trouble!