Friday, March 31

Trust your instinct to run

I'm pretty sure that Sharon Stone is slowly losing her mind. First off, we've got the ridiculous Basic Instinct 2 coming out this weekend. Is anyone in line for this one? And is there really a market for it, um, 10 years or so after the first one? Full disclosure: I've done no research on this movie except for the bits I've heard on television, so my opinions on the film are completely uneducated ... deal with it. But her publicity tour has been the stuff of progressing dementia. She was in Israel, I think, sitting next to a dignitary of some kind, and having been introduced, takes the floor and starts the whole press conference off with, "I know the question on all your minds. You want to know, 'Does she get naked in the movie? Does she?' Well, I'll tell you. YES, I GET NAKED IN THE MOVIE!!" Huh. Sharon, you've got the world's press waiting to listen to you, and to find out why you chose some dignitary to sit next to you, and you kick off the thing by announcing that, "yes, you'll be able to see my boobies in my new movie." I mention only the boobies because she's already gone on record as saying that there's no pubic shots in this installment. And that, really, was all that anyone talked about from the first movie anyway.
Also, in this picture, she looks ready to bring forth all that is evil onto the Earth.

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