Tuesday, March 21

Shuffling it up

Just to give you a window view into my head today: I am ridiculously excited to point out that the shuffle marathon has almost reached its end on my iPod. When you set the Pod to shuffle, it systematically, but randomly, moves through all the tunes in the machine. My iPod currently holds 1,365 songs, which, to me, is a whole lot. Anyway, I play the Pod on random every day at my desk, and once I noted that I was getting up into the 1,000 songs played range, I knew that this was my calling ... before I could start being more selective about what I would listen to. I am currently rocking out to song 1,244 of 1,365, "Beverly Hills" by Weezer. I think that I should be able to reach the end of my shuffle highway some time today. That's so SUPER!!

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