Friday, March 31

Pizza lunch

Acting upon the previous blog post, Daddy decided that I just had to have a digital recreation of another outdoor lunch that was famously photographed in the Los Angeles Times. This picture is from freshman year of high school, where those of us who had good attendance for the first semester (I think I'm remembering that right), where treated to a pizza party. And yes, that would be me, balancing a pizza slice on top of a soda, while feasting on another slice of pie. Notice that the hairstyle hasn't really changed much. Actually, as I look at this, it seems that I have matured into wearing a red Swatch watch, which I'm wearing now, from the white one I'm sporting in the photo. Take note of the HUGE earrings going on there; and the "Sun, Surf, Sand: California" t-shirt. Damn, I rocked the house in high school.


ddy said...

Boy, did I have to hunt for that picture.

-T. said...

What a DARLING picture!! Leave it to Dads to dig out the best!