Monday, March 6

Oscar pics

Here are some of my faves (not all tremendously positive) from last night's Oscar telecast, including Keira Knightley and her amazing dress; Farrell and Carell during their presentation; Jennifer Garner, my favorite spy whom I miss so much; George Clooney, who's dreamy; Charlize Theron and her big bow; Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe looking flawless; Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams, who I think really does have an aversion to pretty dresses; Dolly Parton, who's just cool; Naomi Watts in her shredded and tattered dress; and Lee Majors (Really? Lee Majors is still alive? Wow!) and his wife.

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MLY said...

I didn't know Lee Majors had a wife and he was at the ceremony for what reason? Loved the commentary - I vote for you on the E channel!