Monday, March 6

Oscar night

From the pregame: Issac Mizrahi was pretty funny, simply because we had NO idea what he was going to say; I love that Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves walked the red carpet together; George Clooney, as usual, was funny, and so was Steve Carrell, Will Farrell and Ludacris; Keira Knightley looks amazing; Felicity Huffman getting all teary-eyed watching the Desperate Housewives on video was too sweet; Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon gave a great interview; Dolly Parton and her pink dress were so cute and old-school that she was almost like watching a time machine.

On to the show --
8.01: cheesy introduction, but I ate it up.
8.05: Now, that introduction, was funny. Imagine waking up with Clooney in your bed!!
8.21: As if we couldn’t fall any more in love with Clooney, he goes and delivers one of the best, most gracious speeches ever at the Oscars. And, of course, that’s one correct prediction for me. I also think Jon Stewart did really well in his opening monologue!
8.29: Two for two. And Brian and I both dislike the music played during the acceptance speeches.
8.33: Damn. Got that one wrong. But the winner looks kinda funny.
8.34: Naomi, I don’t like that dress at all. And look! Jennifer Lopez is there!
8.35: (Re: Dolly Parton) This from Brian, “She’s had some work done on her face.” Understatement of the year. But for 65 years old (or whatever), she looks great in her white pantsuit, platform heels, and expertly done-up wig. And she got the audience to clap along! That’s so cool!!
8.44: I love it when my wild-card guesses are right! Go Six Shooter!
8.50: I figured the geishas would win, simply because the outfits were so elaborate.
8.51: Hey! Russell Crowe is there, too! But that was a weird retrospective of clips, don’t you think?
8.58: Steve Carrell has beautiful eyelashes.
9.07: I totally knew that R. Weisz would take the statue. I’m kicking Brian’s butt in the ballot right now, by the way.
9.12: How, on earth, did they get Lauren Bacall out of seclusion? That is the most incredible “get” ever!
9.21: Charlize is beautiful, as always, but that is the biggest shoulder bow I have ever seen in my life. And if you all ever saw my mom’s Christmas party dress that one year, you’d know how amazing that is.
9.26: Is that interpretive dance in the background? Really?
9.33: That was the music from Speed! How funny!
9.59: Whose idea was it to have all these montages? I swear, there are so many of them, and they don’t seem to be progressing, that the whole thing is a waste of time.
10.13: Who knew that Robert Altman directed Popeye? Who knew that?
10.24: "Pimp" takes the Oscar! I’m so happy to be wrong on this one! That the Academy voted for a song about pimping is just too cool.
10.29: Jennifer Garner is on. I can’t wait to see more Alias. When the hell are they putting that show back on?
10.31: It’s cruel and unusual punishment to make the most interesting Oscar winner so far introduce the night’s downer montage: Clooney brings in the death reel.
10.49: I totally knew that Philip Seymour Hoffman would win. All of them were amazing though. And who does Joaquin Phoenix love? He told someone that he loved them, but I couldn’t read his lips to see who it was.
11.02: They totally let Reese Witherspoon talk so much longer than the 30 seconds or whatever. That was nice of them.
11.07: I’m tired, and there’s still five awards or something. Tired.
11.14: Thank goodness those screenplay awards go by quickly. This thing may come in under 11:30 p.m. after all. For this reason, among others, I look forward to being West Coast living for next year’s awards. You know there, it’s only 8:16 p.m. right now.
11.19: Tom Hanks, your mullet is killing me. It must be destroyed.
11.24: Wow! Crash took the best picture after Ang Lee won for directing? That happens, but not often. Like I said earlier today though, I thought this was the better movie, and again, I’m glad to be wrong.
11.26: Check it out; here’s the tally: 16 right; 8 wrong. I can’t remember if that’s a personal best, but it’s pretty good! But now, I’m going to bed. Catch you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

"Pimp"takes the Oscar !
Thats Hollywood over the top again.