Friday, March 3

New experiment

this is an audio post - click to play
I think I sound very "Muzak radio show host" in this recording. I don't know how I feel about that. You have no idea how many incarnations each of these posts go through before I'm happy with the wording, grammar and such. Will my anal retentiveness require me to write out what I'll say before I call in and record it? Or is the fun here going to be all my "um"s and backtracking?
I almost feel like this is too stressful, but I like the idea of calling you all while I'm driving home, just to tell you about the jerk who just cut me off, or to complain about the traffic, or to play a bit of a song I like that's on the radio. I guess we'll just see how this goes!


amy said...

OMG! I never noticed you have such a radio voice before! Please, do it again and end with "and now, here's Mike with the traffic!" Or better yet, do the traffic yourself this afternoon while you're on 128 . . . dare ya!!

I love it! You made me smile--I miss hearing your cheery litte voice.

ddy said...

I love it Babe !!!

I won't be watching Oscar at all for 6 hours.

MLY said...

WOW! you really do have a great radio voice! - and it makes me smile too!!!