Wednesday, March 29

Neon, disco, roller skates

Sometimes, you find out things that you just aren't sure how to process. As an example, take a moment to think about this bit of news: someone, somewhere, is working on an off-Broadway stage production of Xanadu. Yes, that Xanadu: roller-skating Greek muse helps good-looking young artist create ultimate roller disco in Venice, Calif. And all the while, she's singing classics such as, "Xanadu," "Suddenly," "Magic," and "I'm Alive." The movie, as you all remember, stars Olivia Newton-John as Kira, the muse with the purple aura and light trail; Gene Kelly, in his last feature film, as Danny McGuire; and Michael Beck as Sonny Malone, the lovesick artist with a yen for colorful skater girls. The stage show will follow the movie pretty closely, and, in accordance with all that is right in the world, roller skating still will be the main character's favorite mode of transportation.
"Xa-na-du ... Xa-na-du-u-u ..."

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