Wednesday, March 1

Most lawmakers don't get pregnant

I'm blogging for the first time from my new desk space at work. I've been kinda nervous about posting here, since my last desk was a bit more private, and I was more apt to write happily. I'll need to get used to my new neighbors and a different angle to check the mirror to see who's behind me, but I can tell, right now, that I'm back in the swing of things.
So what's the what? Well, I'm getting more than a little concerned about the recent threats to legalized abortion. First, South Dakota, and its governor who's "inclined" to sign a new abortion ban. Then this afternoon's article on a Mississippi state House committee that has advanced a bill that would allow abortion only in the cases that threaten a woman's life. It also would make no allowances for rape or incest.
What freaks me out is that the conservative Justices that these lawmakers (most of which never have to worry about carrying a child) need to overturn Roe vs. Wade are now in the Supreme Court. That this country may, in merely a few years' time, have to revert to back-alley abortions and women bleeding to death on wire coat hangers, is just wrong.
But here are my questions, who are these people that are so affronted by this, and continue to campaign for a reverse on the decision? Why do these people care so much about what someone else is doing with their body? Are they willing to raise and care for all the unwanted children that may soon be populating the planet? Why aren't they minding their own business?
And why are these lawmakers so fixated on a law that's already been passed? Are their wives waiting for them every night, asking them eagerly as they walk in the door, "What have you done to ban abortion today"? (Because really, it had better be the women behind this. Men should have no say on this issue whatsoever. When they have to carry and bear the unwanted children, then they can have an opinion. Until then, they should shut the hell up and keep their noses out of other women's uteruses.)
I just don't get why this is still an ongoing legal issue. The Court has decided, and it ruled on this a long time ago. You obsessed lawmakers and righteous religious zealots just need to deal with it, and mind your own business.


amy said...

Nothing heavy--just a casual comment on the new cube . . . which cube did you end up with? Can you hear flushing (or worse) from the men's room?!

Anonymous said...

New desk? They put you out where they can watch you and are you wearing a dunce hat too?

Hot topic..abortion! Me I believe its a ladys choice but I have a problem with "partial" birth .This late term stuff does not go with me.
So if you are going to get it done do it early.

Pamela said...

Men might do well keeping their business out of women in general.


Stinky cube, at least it is the ladies room.