Thursday, March 2

Mardi Gras

So I'm a day or two late in wishing the world a happy Mardi Gras, but by the looks of the trash piled up along Bourbon Street, it seems as though everyone had one. I've never done the official Mardi Gras in New Orleans thing, and I really wish that I had thought to, and been able to, do this one. I think it was something that the city and the state of Louisiana really needed. It was good to see the gorgeous pageantry of it, and the people throwing and catching beads and the like, just as if the horrible events of Hurricane Katrina never occurred. Of course, the attendance of the event was much lower than normal, but it seemed as though the people there carried on with the proper amount of party attitude.
But of course, the passing of Mardi Gras brings on Ash Wednesday. I saw my share of people sporting the ash smudge on their foreheads, and didn't think much about it of course, since that's their own deal, but I did get a huge giggle out of my husband this morning, who asked, "Did you see any people with that black mark on their head yesterday?"

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