Tuesday, March 14

Last week's flowers

I'm lacking in my duties as the blogging daughter to a flower arranger! Mom actually sent this picture to me last week, but it got caught up in the e-mail black hole, until I found it again this morning. Here's her description:
Believe it or not, there are asparagus in this arrangement! Unfortunately, you need to look real close, but each arrangement has five stalks of asparagus. You'll see three orange Gerber daisies; branches that are called "quince" (with the pretty little pink flowers on them); Belles of Ireland, in honor of the 17th; and various other fill-ins. Voila!


mly said...

....even more unfortunate is the fact that the daiseys didn't last long at all and have been trashed -the Bells should make it through the 17th and the comquats, snapdragons, and asparagus are still lovely to look at!

Pamela said...

This is my favorite one so far- I love the orange!