Thursday, March 16

I'd bid for a dinner

George Clooney, one of my movie boyfriends (sorry, Amy, but he's all mine), has donated his Academy Awards gift bag to United Way to auction for a donation to hurricane relief. What a love. Seriously. I think, if this guy ever did get married, the whole of American women may just wail from disappointment, because don't we all just kinda go about our day knowing that, "if he ever met me, he would want to marry me"? The gifts in the bag include, but are far from limited to, a BlackBerry 8700c, a Kay Unger kimono and a cultured Tahitian-pearl necklace. We all (well, those of us who live and breathe this entertainment stuff) know that these gift bags, as well as those from the Grammys, Golden Globes and all that, are filled to the brim with expensive treats that any star would be able to pay for themselves, but that companies want to give them for free publicity. Reports have said that these bags have been valued as high as $60,000. This bag is being sold as one piece, on the United Way Web site, starting March 21. If you buy it, you get a little note from George, too.
Here's a picture of the staff here at the magazine, out at lunch for Pamela's last day: (left to right) Jack, Joe, me, Pamela, Alice, Victoria, Alison and Craig. Ask about the staff picture next month, and it'll be less three of these people.


Pamela said...

Look at that, we are so cool!

My Goodbye Lunch: Take #2

I miss you already!


mly said...

What a great looking bunch of co-workers! It is such a shame that the numbers are dwindling....good luck to all!

-T. said...

George Clooney. Hmmmmm..a complete gift basket indeed. Sorry to hear about work place attrition! They will have to join the ranks of former co-workers, current friends. =)