Friday, March 3


This is Gneville, my new desk gnome. He was available for adoption from The Paper Store, in a kit that included his happy little lawn in a handsome wooden frame, some pretty flowers, and a few backgrounds that I don't like because they won't stand properly. He watches over my desk and stuff, but also is known to create mischief, so I'll have to be sure to keep him entertained. Bored desk gnomes, apparently, start to hide your stuff, dry the ink from pens, glue keyboard keys down, and empty staplers. The accompanying book, cleverly titled, "The Garden Gnome Book," gives a lot of advice on getting to know your gnome, how to create a gnome swing, how to protect it from thievery, and other such things. It's a very helpful tome for the new gnomeowner.


ddy said...

Well now you have someone to blame when your candy goes missing.

MLY said...

gnome? I had not heard about the gnome....perhaps you and the paper store should be on restriction...but alas, only you could find such a treasure and make it a star!