Monday, March 27

Cherry blossoms

Here's Mom's latest floral masterpiece:
There are cherry blossoms in Camarillo! The tulips are French peony tulips (pink, yellow and gorgeous), and I can hardly wait for them to open. The rest of the arrangement has fern, Gerber daisies, snapdragons and lilies.

So, which one of you picked George Mason University to show up in your Final Four? I know just enough about college basketball to make selections that kill my bracket early in the tournament, and I did so, by choosing Tennessee to take the whole show, but who would have thought George Mason? Brian picked UConn to take the trophy, but that bit of fancy was killed last night too, so both our brackets are officially trash. (I actually tossed mine last week, because it was so sad.) At any rate, it's nice to see the underdogs fighting it out, since Duke, North Carolina, UConn and the rest of them don't have a chance anymore.

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ddy said...

Favorite flower the TULIP.