Thursday, March 2

Bonds mimics women ... badly

As if I wasn't offended enough by Barry Bonds and his vague, sheepish, no-you-can't-test-me approach to steroids and baseball, he goes ahead and dresses up like a woman (Paula Abdul to put a name to it), and prances around the San Francisco Giants training camp in Scottsdale in a parody of American Idol. I'm no fan of American Idol, and am no longer a true fan of Abdul's (yes, of course I had a Forever Your Girl CD). My issue isn't that Bonds mocked Abdul, but mainly the way he mimicked women in general.
I try not to get offended by much, and especially by men behaving badly, but his over-the-top prancing, strutting for the camera, grabbing of fake breasts, false high voice, and bad wig were just too much for me. Why is it that some men tend to think that there could be nothing worse, and more foolish, than being a woman?
It brings to mind a comment that John Leguizamo made after filming To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. He went on record as saying that he found playing at, and being, a woman so repugnant and awful that he happily burned his costumes, wigs, shoes and other female paraphernalia when the movie shoot was over. Actually, after I read that article, I've not seen a single one of his movies, watched his television shows or anything like that.
In fact, now, I find both him and Bonds repugnant and awful.

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