Monday, March 20

Big, yellow bus

You know how there's this law out there about having to stop for a school bus when it's picking up students, right? There's not a whole lot of gray area around the wording of this law, and it's basically the same everywhere in the world: stop for the kids when they're crossing the street to get on their bus. Everyone knows this law; it's an important one. You don't want to run over the kids, right?
You'd be surprised how many drivers out here in the Boston area don't really care about this law, and in fact, tend to get all bitchy and impatient with the kids, mothers and bus drivers. Here's a fun scenario I witnessed this morning: There's about 15 kids crossing a street to get on their bus. They're old enough, high school, I think, to understand that they're blocking the road, but when there's 15 kids, they don't all walk in a huge group, they tend to go about in twosomes, so it was taking some time for them to cross. There were three cars turning left onto the street where the bus was, so the first had stopped, and the second and third were kinda caught in the middle of the intersection, just waiting there. Most of the kids were across when the guy in the second car honked his horn. Not so much honked as really just kinda wailed on it for a few seconds. ... Now hold on a minute, the kids are crossing, and not deliberately taking their time either, so why honk? Did he really think that this would make them hurry? ... Well, the second to last kid crossing the street had some choice words, including the fun phrase, "We're crossing the fucking street here, dickhead!" Soon enough, they all got on the bus, and the stop sign was folded back and traffic was allowed to proceed. The guy in the car continued into his turn, but then, flipped off the driver and the kids in the bus!
WHAT?!? Why on earth would he do this? Does he feel better, more manly even, to have flipped off a bus driver and a group of teenagers? How does this help him out in any way? The good time is knowing that this guy is going to be in an awful mood all day because of this, and the kids on the bus are just going to be laughing about it all day.
I've seen more people drive through these crosswalks; pass buses with their stop signs out; and almost hit a couple kids and their mothers. What is the big hurry here? Since when is the safety of kids a lower priority then getting to Dunkin' Donuts or picking up an Egg McMuffin?
Me; I quietly cheer for the kid that bitched the driver out this morning. Respect your elders, perhaps, but not unconditionally. That guy deserves no one's respect.

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Pamela said...

Ahhh, it is morning in Boston; the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and... everyone has to be somewhere like ten minutes ago!!!

The driver is an idiot...

And so is the kid with the mouth...

They are probably related.